2019 and 2020 Transformations

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This dark kitchen was in great shape, but the client was getting bored of it and it also made the room dark.

After a consultation, it was booked in the diary and over a weekend the work was undertaken.

All doors and drawer fronts removed, handle holes filled, fully sanded, degreased and prepped. It was then sealed, primed and painted with the doors and drawer fronts done both sides in Little Greene Co “French Grey” for the units and Little Greene co “ Basalt” for the island.

The doors and drawer fronts were then refitted with their new handles.

Happy client.....Happy Lee!


This kitchen was looking really tired, so it was time for a slightly new colour and a freshen up.

We stripped the doors and drawers off, the whole kitchen was degreased, sanded and cleaned. Handles were removed and polished.

It was then totally masked, papered and polythened (please see previous video as couldn’t add it with these pics) spray primed and top coated in Farrow & Ball “Bone”.

All done in 4 days.


Another kitchen completed.


This time it was new kitchen that had come pre primed. Our task was to fill the screw holes, rub down and spray top coat. It was stripped and then the units painted in cellulose Dulux heritage “beachcomber grey” and the island in Farrow & Ball “Off Black”.

It was then all the door, drawer fronts and handles were refitted.


This tired shaker kitchen needed...... well shaking up!!!


Our client had lived with it for over 20 years and especially hated the extractor hood. The team removed it for them and re cut the coving, ready for its new stainless steel one!..... we then removed all the doors and drawer fronts, sanded, filled damage and handle holes, prepared, degreased, primed and painted it all in Little Greene co “Baltic blue”.


We then refitted it all and finished with the new satin nickel cup handles and knobs..... ALL DONE!!!


This kitchen had its original factory paint and handles....it was time for a new look!!

The yellow had to go!!

The Chests and Drawers team went in, stripped it and everything was prepared, degreased, primed and painted the clients choice of Neptune “Shell” on the units and Neptune “Shingle” on the island!

Finally, it was refitted and finished with satin chrome cup handles and knobs.


This shaker kitchen was in need of an update, so our client decided on a colour and the work started.

All doors and drawer fronts removed, it was totally sanded, masked, papered, polythened and the carcasses sprayed. The doors and drawer fronts were taken back to the spraybooth and given the same treatment. Finally yesterday, all was refitted and the new brushed chrome handles and knobs put on.


I love a job with a story.....and when I went to quote for this kitchen refurbishment and met my client, I really wanted to do the job for her.

She and her husband had stretched them selves to buy the house decades ago and had so many jobs to do....as we all do.

They bought the kitchen second hand in bits and pieces, paying 75p each for the doors and slowly putting it together... some doors were slightly wonky, but it had been kept in good condition.


Now it was time to jazz it up..... it was stripped, as it was all those years ago, sanded, prepared, degreased, primed and sprayed. The top coat was the clients choice of Little Greene co “French grey dark”

With the new work tops, it has totally brightened up the room.

Hawkenbury, Tunbridge Wells:


The reasons I get asked to refurbish kitchens is sometimes not because the client has moved in and doesn’t like it, or they are tired of its look or colour....but they are wanting to sell and give the room some WOW factor!

Some money spent before putting your house on sale sometimes gives it the desirability it needs.

This was the case with this one.....it was fitted many years ago, some of the doors and drawers didn’t fit properly and it was looking a little tired.... so in we came!!

Five days later..... and it has been stripped, sanded, sealed, primed and sprayed in Little Greene Co “French grey dark” and it now also boasts new brushed chrome handles!

North Tonbridge:


This smaller kitchen was a pleasure to do.


The house owners first home and lots to do.... but with that added excitement of the owner seeing it come together.

Sanded, sealed, primed and painted in Neptune “Silver Birch” with new chrome handles and cups.