A new lease of life for your kitchen...

It’s “THE” room of the house isn’t it! Here at Chests and Drawers, we offer a full refurbishment spraying service.

Whether you have just moved in, are bored of your current colour scheme or want to add value to sell, we can spray paint your kitchen units a colour of your choice.

We come in and take all removable items, such as doors, drawer fronts, kick-plates and covings. We mask all static fittings to paint the unit trims, while protecting your kitchen of over-spray at all times.

The removable items are sprayed in our spray booth and when finished, returned and fitted back to your kitchen. All doors and drawer fronts are aligned as they were and new handles fitted if supplied. 

The paint we use is 2 pack paint, this is the most durable and easily wipeable and can also be mixed in eggshell (30% sheen) to any colour you wish.

Please contact us to arrange a quotation.

Recent transformations...

Southborough, Tunbridge Wells:


This ill fitting veneered kitchen was looking very tired....so in we went!!

Doors and drawer fronts removed, room and units masked and protected with paper and polythene .... everything sanded and prepared, then spray primed and top coated the clients choice of Little Greene co “French grey dark” eggshell.

Everything refitted and aligned. JOB DONE !



A long standing client asked if I could come and see them regarding a kitchen refurbishment.

Once quoted, the colours of Little Greene co “stock” were chosen for the top cupboards and Little Greene co “basalt” for the lower units.

It was stripped, prepared, painted and refit, inc new handles in one weekend.

Together with the new floor they have had fitted, it looks stunning!

Tunbridge Wells:


This house had previously belonged to an interior designer and although our client didn’t mind it, her other half wasn’t keen and it was starting to look tired!

It was time for a new colour scheme and the Chests and Drawers team!!

The top units, mantelpiece and extractor have been sprayed Farrow & Ball “ White Tie” and the base units and island in Farrow & Ball “Inchyra Blue”.

The colour is a personal favourite of mine and so I now have kitchen envy!!

Southborough, Tunbridge Wells:


Our clients called us in wanting to freshen up their tired white hand painted kitchen.

We removed all doors, drawer fronts, masked, papered and polythened the whole kitchen and went to work sanding!
The carcasses were sprayed in the clients choice of Farrow & Ball “Moles breath” followed by the doors, drawers and kick plates.

Finally the removed items were all refitted with new satin chrome hinges.

Etchingham, East Sussex:


This old oak kitchen had been pulled apart by the new owners of the property, so is still very much an ongoing project.

The Chests and Drawers team came in, removed doors and drawers, sanded, sealed, primed and then top coated in the chosen colour of Farrow & Ball “Worsted”.

All the removed items were refitted and new bar handles fitted. In between the work tops have been replaced by another firm.... it’s all come together very well.

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