A new lease of life for your kitchen...

It’s “THE” room of the house isn’t it! Here at Chests and Drawers, we offer a full refurbishment spraying service.

Whether you have just moved in, are bored of your current colour scheme or want to add value to sell, we can spray paint your kitchen units a colour of your choice.

We come in and take all removable items, such as doors, drawer fronts, kick-plates and covings. We mask all static fittings to paint the unit trims, while protecting your kitchen of over-spray at all times.

The removable items are sprayed in our spray booth and when finished, returned and fitted back to your kitchen. All doors and drawer fronts are aligned as they were and new handles fitted if supplied. 

The paint we use is 2 pack paint, this is the most durable and easily wipeable and can also be mixed in eggshell (30% sheen) to any colour you wish.

Please contact us to arrange a quotation.

Recent Transformations



This dark hand painted kitchen needed some serious preparation. Our client wanted a change from the dark to light, with island in a dark blue.

The units were finally sprayed in Little Greene co “slaked lime” with the island in “dock blue”


This beautiful kitchen and utility in Hever was serious quality, but a mix of wood and a colour the client didn’t like. It is also the first kitchen we have done where we have removed the old and supplied and fitted new kitchen tops…..in this instance “Bianco Novello” quartz stone

We went in and stripped everything, prepared and filled the existing handle holes, carcass, drawer fronts and doors.

It was then primed and sprayed Farrow & Ball “Shadow White” with the island and dresser sprayed Farrow & Ball “Railings”

New hinges, cup handles and knobs were then added.


This green kitchen was not to the new owners liking….so we went in stripped it and started its new transformation. It was prepared, primed and sprayed Farrow & Ball “Hague Blue” and was given some new handles too.


This 30 plus year old kitchen needed an uplift!

It was decided that the kitchen and dresser would go different colours! Units were sprayed little Greene co “clay mid” and the dresser “olive oil”

The original handles were used but given a damn good polishing!!


Another Chests and Drawers kitchen refurbishment.

Client wanted a unit colour change, so it was stripped, sanded, prepared and painted in cellulose match Farrow & Ball “Stiff Key Blue”.